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Five Elements Theory in TCVM

Five Elements Theory in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Have you ever wondered why a training method works for your friend’s horse but

Five Elements Theory in TCVM2018-07-20T01:02:42+00:00

Equine Wellness: Pythiosis

Equine Wellness: Pythiosis Pythiosis- commonly known as swamp cancer, Florida leeches or kunkers- is an infection caused by Pythium insidiosum. Pythium insidiosum

Equine Wellness: Pythiosis2018-07-20T00:54:51+00:00

Equine Wellness: Summer Sores

Equine Wellness: Summer Sores Habronemiasis, more commonly known as summer sores, is a common condition in horses. Summer sores form when larva

Equine Wellness: Summer Sores2018-07-20T01:00:39+00:00

Equine Wellness: Anhidrosis

Equine Wellness: Anhidrosis Summertime has now hit Florida in full force. With our extreme temperatures and humidity, we start to see an

Equine Wellness: Anhidrosis2018-07-20T01:05:26+00:00

Equine Wellness: Laser Therapy

Equine Wellness: Laser Therapy Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Rays, commonly known as LASER is an important treatment modality used by our

Equine Wellness: Laser Therapy2018-05-24T17:05:37+00:00

Equine Wellness: Shockwave Therapy

Equine Shockwave Therapy Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, better known as simply shockwave, is a therapy used for a variety of orthopedic and soft

Equine Wellness: Shockwave Therapy2018-05-24T20:12:34+00:00

Equine Wellness: Dentistry

Equine Wellness: Dentistry Horses require regular dental care, not only to remove sharp points, but to look for and assess any potential

Equine Wellness: Dentistry2018-03-22T00:11:39+00:00