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Equine Wellness: Shockwave Therapy

Equine Shockwave Therapy Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, better known as simply shockwave, is a therapy used for a variety of orthopedic and soft

Equine Wellness: Shockwave Therapy2018-05-24T20:12:34+00:00

Equine Wellness: Dentistry

Equine Wellness: Dentistry Horses require regular dental care, not only to remove sharp points, but to look for and assess any potential

Equine Wellness: Dentistry2018-03-22T00:11:39+00:00

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Sunny Coast Veterinary is able to provide a veterinary medical service that sets us apart from other providers. Our extensive

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine2018-03-22T00:12:09+00:00

Regenerative Therapies – IRAP

Regenerative Therapies - IRAP Degenerative joint disease, commonly known as osteoarthritis, is a widespread problem with equine athletes. Degenerative joint disease first

Regenerative Therapies – IRAP2018-03-03T17:53:46+00:00

Equine Vaccinations

Equine Vaccinations There is not a standard vaccine program for all horses. Instead, each individual horse requires a protocol based on the

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Deworming Recommendations for Florida

Deworming Recommendations for Florida Deworming schedules greatly vary with location, age of horse, and worm burden. Parasite control measures begin in October

Deworming Recommendations for Florida2018-03-22T00:12:48+00:00